Preparing Milk for Processing

Preparing Milk for Processing
Got Milk
What is Milk?
It is the normal secretion of the mammary glands of all mammals
Its primary purpose is to nourish the young of the species
The Cow
Principal source of milk for human consumption in the United States

A great deal of variety among the milk of different animals exists which affects processing
The Cow
The most important factor that determines the composition of milk is the breed of cow.
Dairies are inspected by veterinarians, they are regulated by States and Cities.

Essential to protect public health concerns
Cold temperatures and environmental conditions of cattle are important to milk quality.

Stainless steel is recommended for use in equipment because it does not react with milk to cause off-flavor
The milking operation stimulates muscles in the udder of the cow causing let-down of milk into teat canals.

The machines work like vacuums and suck the milk into receiving vessels that lead to a holding tank
Holding Tanks
Refrigerated to cool the milk to less then 8 degrees C in order to control bacterial multiplication

Milk should not stay in the holding tanks for more than 2 days before transporting.

Tank Trucks
Milk is shipped in sanitized milk cans by trucks from smaller dairies or by tank truck transportation from larger dairies.
Drivers inspect the milk to see if it is cold and has a good aroma.
They also take a sample for further processing
Inspection Standards
Samples are analyzed for fat and solid contents and microbiological data.

Tests are conducted to determine bacterial count, determination of sediment, and evaluation of milk flavor.
Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance
1978 – Recommendations of the U.S. Public Health Services/ Food and Drug Administration is used as a guide to the setting of standards of milk quality
Milk Flavor
Can acquire off-flavor
Cows eating unusual feed and or by absorption of odors and chemicals.
Poor milk handling equipment
Copper causes oxidized flavors that are metallic, oily and fishy.
Health Consideration of Dairy Products
Milk and other dairy products are a significant amount of nutrients for humans.

Milk is a good source of protein, calcium, and riboflavin.
3 C’s of Milk
Always Keep Milk…..

Health Consideration of Dairy Products
Cow’s milk unlike human milk must be modified to meet nutrient requirements of infants.
Milk is low in iron which babies need in order to prevent anemia.
Milk can help to prevent osteoporosis, acne problems, poor eyesight, and fragile teeth.
Trends in Consumption
Since 1975 the available milk supply has increased.
Campaign slogans…..
Got Milk?
Milk does a Body Good!
Three A Day (Milk, Yogurt, Cheese)

What is the most important factor that determines the composition of milk?
Why do we want to keep milk in stainless steel containers?
How long should milk stay in holding tanks?
What can milk help prevent?

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