Preparation of Tomato Juice, Puree and Paste

Preparation of Tomato Juice, Puree and Paste


Tomato juice is a healthy beverage

It characterizes not only by its taste, colour and aroma but also by its vitamin content close to those of fresh tomatoes

Tomato puree and paste are concentrated form of tomato juice and is most popular product

They may be in natural form without any additives or may be with added sugar, salt and preservative

Used as base for making juice, soup, sauce and ketchup

A good quality juice contain about 0.4 % acid (citric acid), 0.5 % salt and 1.0 % sugar

Tomato puree is of two types:

Medium tomato puree contains not less than 9.0 % of salt free tomato solids, while

Heavy tomato puree contains not less than 12.0 % solids

Tomato paste contains not less than 25.0 % tomato solids.

Tomato Juice


Select deep red ripe tomatoes, wash & trimmed to remove tops, green/yellow portions

Cut or crushed the tomato and cooked till soft (8-10 minutes)

Passed the lot through Pulper to collect the juice/pulp or stainless steel sieve may be used at home

The air from the extracted juice removed by using a deaerator under high vacuum

Add sugar, salt and flavouring substances

After flash pasteurization at 130 – 150OC for 8 to 12 seconds the juice is cooled at 90 OC.

Filled in cans or glass bottles at the same temperature (90 OC)

Containers are closed followed by their inversion for about 5 – 7 minutes to sterilize the container and closure and then cooled

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