Pınar Süt Summer Practice Report

I have performed my summer practice in Pınar Süt Mamülleri San. A.Ş. which is located in Pınarbaşı, İZMİR. Pınar, a division of Yaşar Holding, is one of the leading companies in food industry in Turkey and is producing meat, dairy and water products for 30 years. Following the world trends and producing the most healthy and delicious products by the recent technology make this role a natural result. TS-ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System Certificate which Pınar Milk is the first firm receiving, “Environment Bravent” because of  its sensivity for environment and TSE’s (Turkish Standards Institute) Golden Packaging and US Worldstar Packaging awards show the quality of Pınar Dairy Products. On the other hand, Pınar Milk does not only offer milk and dairy products, but also appreciate and support the work and labor of Turkish producers by free vet service, agricultural credit and education programmes for farmers.

At the beginning of 1970s before Pınar Dairy Products Co. was founded, Yaşar family was working as milk breeder in Seferhisar/İzmir. They sold their milk to SEK, the only foundation producing milk in bottles at the time. However, Selçuk Yaşar, Yaşar Holding Board Chief, noticed that SEK wasn’t enough for producers and consumers in 1970s, therefore he decided to found Pınar Milk after a long research in 1973. So, Pınar became the symbol of the first private enterprise by the foundation of Pınar Milk in İzmir in 1975.

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