Oil and Fat Technology Lectures 2 ( Dr. Aytaç SAYGIN GÜMÜŞKESEN )

Handling & Storage of Oil-Bearing Materials

The handling and storage of oil-bearing materials is one of the most important phases of oil seed processing.

The vegetable oils and feed industries are dependent for successful operation upon obtaining high yields and product of good quality from their raw material.

Excessive biological activity in the seeds, either in the field prior to harvesting or subsequently during storage, will result in a reduction both in the quality and the yield of oil and meal.

The handling and control of the raw materials for the oil seed industry can be primarily characterized by the short harvest season, by the necessity to move them into protected storage in minimum time, and by the required care before they can be processed. But they can be treated and stored successfully with minimal deterioration long enough to allow the processing industry to operate throughout the year.

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