Maize Production Technologies in India

›Maize Production Technologies in India


›Zea mays (Maize) is one of the emerging crops under agro-climatic conditions.

›Called as Queen of Cereals

›Maize is the third most important crops after wheat and rice

›Used for various purpose includes grain, fodder, sweet corn, baby corn, pop corn in peri-urban areas.

›Nutrient Management:

›Maize is hybrid and general crop responsive to nutrients through organic or inorganic sources.

›Crop Stages :

›Basal at sowing-20% Nitrogen rate

›V4 four leaf stage-25 % Nitrogen rate

›V8 eight leaf stage-30 % Nitrogen rate

›VT tasseling stage-20 % Nitrogen rate

›GF grain filling stage-5% Nitrogen rate


›The Indian environment is suitable for growing maize.

› India is one of the largest producers of maize in the world. Balamurugan Traders is one of the upcoming maize export from India.

›Soil with excellent organic and natural make a difference content getting excessive mineral water having potential with neutral

›pH are viewed as perfect for greater efficiency.

›Time of Sowing:

›Maize may be expanded in all of the seasons.

Time of Sowing

›Kharif  Season – Last week of June

›Rabi Season –  Last Week of October

›Spring Season – First week of February

›Sowing methods for achieving more yield:

›Raised Bed Planting

›Zero-till planting

›Furrow planting

›Conventional till flat planting


›Maize-Inter Cropping

›Maize + Gladiolus

›Maize + Cauliflower

›Maize+ Pea

›Maize+ Carrot

›Maize + Cotton

›Maize  + Pigeon pea

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