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In this experiment steam distillation method was used.


Distilled water, organic matter (pieces of mint, lemon and apple). Erlenmeyer flask, clamp holder, delivery tube, distillation adapter, water-cooled condenser, Florence flask and Bunsen condenser clamp.


In this experiment, the pieces of lemon were used. This organic compound was distilled with steam distillation. Steam distillation is an ingenious technique for the separation of slightly volatile water insoluble substances from nonvolatile materials. In a mixture of two completely immiscible liquids, each liquid exerts its own characteristic vapor pressure independently of the other. If the water insoluble phase in a steam distillation contains two components, the two different phases (water and organic) distill according to the principle of steam distillation. In other words the molar ratio of the two phases in the distillate is the same as that of the vapor pressures of the two phases.

The organic compounds were not completely insoluble in water at the distillation temperature.

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