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In this experiment we have used DSC (differential scanning calorimeter) and IR(infrared absorption spectroscopy).Main principle of working DSC is to measure enthalpy differences of two substances when they are heated. We can measure the amount of energy released or absorbed by the sample by using DSC. By using SC we can determine the heat capacities of substances and find the melting or crystallization temperatures of substances. This information’s gives us characteristic properties of substances and their structures.


Differential scanning calorimetry measures the amount of energy (heat) absorbed or released by a sample as it is heated, cooled, or held at a constant temperature. Typical applications include determination of melting point temperature and the heat of melting; measurement of the glass transition temperature; curing and crystallization studies; and identification of phase transformations.ıt is a technique we use to study what happens to polymers when they’re heated. We use it to study what we call the thermal transitions of a polymer. And what are thermal transitions? They’re the changes that take place in a polymer when you heat it. The melting of a crystalline polymer is one example. The glass transition is also a thermal transition.

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