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Purpose: In this experiment, the dialysis experiment is made. Dialysis is a process that is based on the principle of osmosis, moving from an area of high concentration to a lower concentration. Therefore this laboratory is for observing the enzyme purification.

Materials: Dialysis bag, beaker, magnetic stirrer, stirring bar, water, lugol solution, benedict solution, ninhydrin solution, biuret solution, pipette, rope

Procedure: Firstly, one dialysis bag was filled with a mixture of consisting of quantities of a 2ml of %40 glucose and 2ml of %5 starch, and other dialysis bag, 2ml %5 BSA and 2ml 10% Glycine. After making this action, the content of the bag cannot escape by leaking, knotting in end of dialysis tubing. Then bags were putted into beakers contains distilled water and waited about 2 hours.

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