Işıklar Gıda Summer Practice Report

1.Description of the Organization Where the Process Training Took Place

1.1.About Işıklar Food Industry A.ş

1.2.Structure of the Organization

1.3.Brief History of the Organization

1.4.First-Cost Analysis


2.1.The Scope of the Summer Practice

2.2.The Purpose of the Summer Practice

3.Main Text of the Report

3.1.Industrial Management and Organization

3.1.1.Laboratory Lay-out and Instrumentation

3.1.2.Quality Tests of Wheat

3.1.3.Analysis of Flour

3.1.3.Analysis of Bulgur

3.1.4.Production Planing and Control

3.1.5.Plant Layout and Machines

3.1.6.Process Control

3.1.7.Hygiene and Sanitation

3.1.8.Sales and Purchasing

3.2.Factors Influencing the Selection of the Plant

3.2.1.From the Point of the Raw Materials

3.2.2.From the Point of the Production

3.2.3.From the Point of the Quality Control

3.2.4.From the Point of the Marketing and Distribution

3.2.5.From the Point of the Storage Facilities and Stock Control

3.2.6.Factors That Effect The Quality Of Bulgur And Flour

3.3.Safety Rules,Regulations and Employer-Employee Relations in the Plant



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