An example of Fungi You know

Zygomycota (Rhizopus) the Common Molds

Zygomycota – common molds

Ascomycota – Cup Fungi Life Cycle

Yeast is an Ascomycete Fungus

Morels are Ascomycete Fungi

Basidiomycete or Club Fungi

Life Cycle of Basidiomycete Fungi

Other Basidiomycetes Rusts and Smuts

Deuteromycota (Imperfect Fungi)

Deuteromycota – the Fungi Imperfecti

Resemble Ascomycetes, but their reproductive cycle has never been observed

Different from Ascomycetes because there is a definite lack of sexual reproduction, which is why they are called Imperfect Fungi

Water Molds — Oomycota

LifeCycle of Oomycota

Things to Know about Oomycete Fungi

1.Water molds or mildews

2.Cause diseases such as potato blight

3.Cell walls made of cellulose (like plant)

4.Hyphae have multiple nuclei!  Because the cell walls do not fully close off.

5.Spore swims away like a flagellate, which is why it is protist like (think of Euglena)

Irish Potato Famine of 19th Century

Cross Walls of Hyphae

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