Fruit and Vegetable Technology Sample Question Paper

Q.1) (a) Answer any THREE questions
a) State the function of ethylene during ripening of banana and describe its mechanism.
b) Uses of sweet potato in bakery industry and give its four reasons.
c) What are curing techniques? State the function of two techniques.
d) How is frozen juice concentrate prepared?

Q.1) (b) Answer any ONE questions
a) Comment on vegetable spoilage due to micro-organism and suggest suitable control methods.
b) How can prepare frozen vegetables like potato or peas? Why is blanching treatment given in this?

Q.2) Answer any FOUR questions
a) What changes are observed in fruits and vegetables during ripening?
b) Why are preservative used? Which preservatives are permitted in ready to serve fruit drink.
c) What are essential oils? Give examples and state their uses.
d) Describe any four methods used for grading fruits and vegetables.
e) State the purpose of pectin in jam and jelly making and its application in fruits and vegetables.
f) Draw a flow chart and describe the process for making lime pickles.

Q.3) Answer any Four questions
a) How quality of fruits and vegetables graded.
b) Name the ingredients required for toffee making, write appropriate composition of ingredients.
c) Which variety of potato are selected for manufacture of potato chips? Mention any four of variety of potato.
d) What are the function of exhausting?
e) List methods for peeling of potatos.

Q.4) (a) Answer any THREE questions
a) Describe the spoilage observed in tomato product and how they overcome.
b) What types defects pickles and chutneys? how they prevent.
c) How to prepare frozen patties and state the function four steps.
d) Suggest any four preservation method for tomato products.

Q.4) (b) Answer any ONE questions
a) Describe the complete method for commercial manufacture of strawberry jam, how much fruit, sugar and additives required to make one tonne of jam
b) Give an account of different types of spoilage that may occurs in can foods.

Q.5) Answer any FOUR questions
a) Which are the main two varieties of mushroom grown in India? State the maturity indices for mango.
b) Describe the process of orange marmalade
c) Why grading important and how are vegetable like peas graded.
d) How much quantity of material required to prepare 100 Kg of tomato ketchup?
e) What are AR and SR lacquered cans.
f) What are food adulterants and name few adulterants in spices? How identify adulterants.

Q.6) Answer any Four questions
a) What factors affecting tomato colour in processing.
b) Why glucose is added to sugar before coating candided fruit as a glaze.
c) Discuss two method for incorporating spice in a standard products like sauces, ketchup and advantage of each steps.
d) How much of 50 brix and 10 brix syrup should be mix to get 5 kg of 45 brix.
e) Draw and describe various steps involve in manufacturing of fruit lathers.

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