Food Processing Machinery Industry In TURKEY


Turkey is the largest producer and exporter of agricultural products in the Near East and North Africa. Exports of agricultural commodities and food products were valued at US$ 21,6 billion in 2013 and accounted about 14.2% of Turkey’s total export earnings. Bread being the staple food of Turkey, cereals are of great importance in Turkish agriculture. In addition, Turkey has an important place among the major pulse producing countries and has the means of dominating the world trade. Turkish edible nuts and dried fruit production is quite high and dominates the world markets. Turkey’s vast agricultural potential offers an extensive range of fruits and vegetables which are preserved in a variety of ways. Rapidly growing sectors of Turkey’s agro industry are frozen/canned and dried fruit and vegetable industry. Utilizing the advantages of its agricultural potential, Turkey has an important place among other countries regarding the quantity and quality of its vegetable oil, especially olive oil, production. With the technological advances and increased investments realized in the last years, the milling and pastry, the sugar confectionary, chocolate and cacao products, pasta and biscuits, fishery products, poultry, drinking water, alcoholic beverages are regarded as promising sectors for Turkish agro industry. The above mentioned strong agricultural potential and Turkey’s food industry, changing lifestyles and tastes due to increased industrialization and urbanization, the increase in family income, and the decrease in available time for preparing meals have all resulted in a strong food processing sector. Accordingly, a large food processing sector has accelerated the development of the food processing machinery and equipment industry in Turkey. At present, the Turkish food processing machinery and equipment industry is the most modern in the Middle East, North Africa, Balkans, Baltic and Central Asia. The Turkish food processing machinery industry produces every kind of machinery and equipment required for food processing industry and most parts and accessories. Flour and grain mill machinery, bakery and pasta making machinery, bakery ovens, industrial machinery for food and drink preparation, machinery for extraction/preparation of fats and oils, machinery for cleaning/ sorting/grading seeds and grains, cacao and confectionery machinery, presses and crushers for wine, fruit juice and beverages, pasteurizers and sterilizers, machinery for sugar manufacture, meat and poultry processing machinery, milking machinery, dairy machinery, machinery for the preparation of fruits and vegetables, cream separators and brewery machinery are the main food processing machinery and equipments in Turkey. The majority of food processing machinery and equipment manufacturers in Turkey range from small to medium sized companies mainly located in Istanbul, Konya, Ankara, Izmir and Gaziantep. The line of products manufactured by these companies varies substantially from highly automated equipment to manual and basic models. Moreover, food processing machinery manufacturers are increasingly focusing on research & development activities in an attempt to comply with the demand for more sophisticated machinery and greater flexibility. The food processing machinery and equipment industry has particular importance for Turkey due to its promising export potential. In this field, manufacturing firms were producing mainly for the domestic market until 1990. After 1990, the sector has also directed its attention to foreign markets.

Recent developments in the demand for packaged food have resulted in a large food packaging sector and a considerable demand for packaging machinery. At present the Turkish packaging machinery sector meets domestic demand and has a remarkable capacity for exports. EXPORTS The Turkish food processing manufacturers/exporters follow European and international standards and norms. Companies exporting to the European Union affix the “CE Mark” under the “New Approach” Directives. The obligation to affix the “CE Mark” started in the Turkish domestic market in 2002. High engineering skills, product flexibility, continuous product development and adaptation, and efficient after-sales-services enable Turkey to export Turkish made food processing and packaging machinery and equipment all over the world at an increasing rate. Exports of Turkish Food Processing Industry (US$ 1,000) H.S. Products 2010 2011 2012 2013 Code 8417.20 Bakery ovens, including biscuit ovens 9.184 6.818 8.352 9.339 8419.31 Driers for agricultural products 2.521 3.515 4.492 3.219 8421.11 Cream separators 617 1.051 314 1.122 8434.10 Milking machinery 8.299 8.612 8.192 10.743 8434.20 Dairy machinery 10.105 8.489 5.766 9.524 8434.90 Parts of milking machinery and dairy machinery 2.786 3.998 3.595 5.024 Presses, crushers etc. for wine, fruit juice, 8435.10 590 655 1.173 1.469 beverage 8435.90 Parts of presses, crushers for wine, fruit juice etc. 218 219 71 310 Machines for cleaning, sorting or grading seed, 8437.10 17.219 17.512 14.870 15.864 grain or dried leguminous vegetables Machines to mill or work cereals or dried legumes 8437.80 122.806 148.648 162.999 170.645 nes. Parts of grain, seed, dry legumes processing 8437.90 26.227 24.367 30.943 30.714 equipment Bakery machinery and machinery for the 8438.10 manufacture of macaroni, spaghetti or similar 26.699 24.444 28.483 36.947 products Machinery for the manufacture of confectionery, 8438.20 14.571 15.549 18.022 23.446 cocoa or chocolate 8438.30 Machinery for sugar manufacture 8.042 5.148 2.584 4.037 8438.40 Brewery machinery 0 0 19 6 8438.50 Machinery for the preparation of meat or poultry 2.177 10.134 10.895 9.507 Machinery for the preparation of fruits, nuts or 8438.60 7.280 9.256 9.426 9.570 vegetables Industrial machinery nes for food, drink 8438.80 4.935 7.226 10.834 13.420 preparation 8438.90 Industrial machine parts, food, drink preparation 11.370 10.870 10.550 9.278 Machinery for the extraction or preparation of 8479.20 10.688 10.377 23.801 18.057 animal or fixed vegetable fats or oils Total 286.334 316.890 355.382 382.239 Source: Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy

Exports of Turkish Food Processing Industry by Countries (US$ 1,000) Countries 2010 2011 2012 2013 Algeria 8.373 14.949 25.260 35.231 Libya 11.754 3.901 23.153 25.244 Russian Federation 14.266 24.112 24.312 24.124 Iraq 13.827 11.663 22.212 21.085 Kazakhstan 22.236 16.463 25.246 19.602 Egypt 14.692 9.900 17.503 17.969 Iran 21.588 35.021 12.647 13.181 Mersin Free Zone 8.241 6.939 5.545 13.063 Ukraine 6.289 8.497 9.308 13.041 India 2.694 6.915 6.475 12.324 Uzbekistan 7.758 10.272 10.423 11.464 Azerbaijan 21.888 13.184 15.169 10.537 Sudan 6.087 3.603 5.132 9.980 Bulgaria 6.880 4.925 5.290 9.106 U.A.E. 1.961 5.466 4.275 7.487 Germany 5.078 5.770 6.574 7.355 Morocco 3.208 4.330 7.102 6.987 Romania 4.075 5.177 7.651 6.963 Mongolia 122 6.116 2.191 6.961 Tajikistan 1.520 1.034 2.460 6.005 Other countries 103.795 118.655 117.453 104.530 Total 286.334 316.890 355.382 382.239 Source: Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy TRADE FAIRS ß “GAPFOOD – 10. Food Technologies and Packaging Fair” Gaziantep, 06- 09/02/2014, Food and Food Technologies and Packaging. ß “FOODSHOW ISTANBUL” Istanbul, 13-16/02/2014, Food, Food Processing, Beverages, Technology and Industries, Bakery, Confectionery, Pastry, Ice Cream, Milling. ß “ANFAS BEVEX – Trade Exhibition For Beverage” Antalya, 19-22/02/2014, Alcoholic Beverages, Soft Drinks, Tea&Coffee, Energy Drinks, Concentrated Drinks, Packaging, Cocktail Drinks. ß “ANFAS Food Prduct – 21. International Trade Exhibition For Food” Antalya, 19-22/02/2014, Seafood, Meat & Milk, Pastry, Frozen Foods, Oils, Natural Products, Dried Fruits, Nuts, Spices, Packaging Materials. ß “5. Food, Agriculture and Animal Breeding Fair” Muğla, 27/02/2014 – 02/03/2014, Agricultural Technology, Agricultural Mechanization, Animal Breeding, Animal Health Feed, Seed, Sapling, Irrigation, Greenhouse.

“Çukurova Food – Food Tech Fair 2014” Adana , 30/04/2014 – 03/05/2014, Food, Food Processing, Beverages, Storage, Cooling Transportation, Pastry, Shop- Market Equipments. ß “CNR Food Fair 2014”, Istanbul, 04-07/09/2014, Food, Food Processing, Beverages, Technology and Industries. ß “Food & Spirit Istanbul”, Istanbul, 06-09/03/2014, Food and Beverages Of National and International Companies, Restaurants, Bars, Cafes. ß “Istanbul Food – Tech 2014 9th Food and Beverage Technologies, Food Safety Additives and Ingredients” Istanbul, 18-21/09/2014 , Food and Beverage Technology, Food Safety, Cooling, Ventilation, Storage Systems, Additives and Ingredients. ß “IPACK 2014 29. International Packaging and Food Processing Systems Exhibition” Istanbul, 09-12/10/2014, Packaging Machines, Food Processing Machines, Packaging Materials, Labeling Machines. ß “Foodex Izmir Food and Food Technologies Fair” Izmir, 23-26/10/2014, Food and Food Technologies. ß “Middle East 6. Food – Food Tech Fair 2014” Diyarbakır, 19-23/11/2014, Food and Beverage, Food Processing Technologies, Bakery Products, Refrigirators, Strorage, Market Equipment. ß “Sirha Istanbul 2014”, Istanbul, 27-29/11/2014, Food, Equipments and Services For Hotels, Restaurants and Food Trades. USEFUL LINKS

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