Food Fermentation Technology Lab. Rakı


In this experiment we examined the production of raki and its quality parameters during its production.

Rakı is produced by the redistillation of raisin distillate in the presence of aniseed (Pimipinella anisum). Top and bottom products are not used for production of rakı. They are recycled into distillation stage which is called as Aporak.Middle product  is used for rakı production.Methyl alcohol is the most dangereous by product which is poisinuous for human body. So we don’t want  methanol in rakı and other alcoholic beverages. There are some factors can cause formation of methanol in a beverage:insufficient heating of must,some contaminating molds such as Batyris cineroe,existence of heat resistant pectinesterases. The raisin containing 60-70% sugar is shredded with water in the raisin shredder and unripe mash is prepared.The pasteurised in the tanks is subjected to alcoholic fermentation with yeast. The ripemash wich contains 7-9 % alcohol, is distilled and the raisin distillate with its aroma specific to the raisin is produced.The raisin distillate, whether mixed with the ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin or not , depending on the product type, is conducted directly to the many litres capacity traditional copper stills and there diluted with water. The aniseed, whose quantity is determined according to the proprotion of essential oils is added to the still and the second distillation is carried out. The taste of the raki experts using their highly developed senses of smell and taste.

Sugar syrup is added to the distilled fine spirit , as pure drinking water in order to dilute it to drinkable strength. It is then matured for at least one month.The raki which has acquired its drinking taste in the tanks is bottled and offered for the consumer’s satisfaction.Today , raki is in production with six different trade marks: -Altinbas Raki -Kulup Raki –Yeni Raki-Efe Raki-İzmir Raki-Burgaz Raki. Altinbas and Kulup Raki have a alcohol content of 50 % in volume , and both are produced only from raisin distilate.Yeni Raki has an alcohol content of 45 %and in its production raisin distillate blended with ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin are used.These three trade marks have also some differences in their proportion of essential oils , sugar and technique of distillation. The other three types have 45% alcohol content.

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