Food Emulsions ( Prof. Abd Karim Alias )


Abd Karim Alias, 2013

Prof. Abd Karim Alias
Universiti Sains Malaysia

An emulsion consists of two immiscible liquids (oil & water), with one of the liquids dispersed as small spherical droplets in the other.

In foods, the diameter of these droplets usually falls somewhere in the range 0.1 – 100 μm.

Food Emulsion

Two types of simple emulsion:
Water-in-oil (w/o): margarine, butter, spreads
Oil-in-water (o/w): mayonnaise, salad dressings, milk, beverages, cream, soups, sauces

The dispersed and/or continuous phase of many food emulsions may be partly crystalline, rather than being completely liquid.

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