Food Chemistry I Exam Quesions ( Prof.Dr. Dilek BOYACIOĞLU )


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dilek Boyacıoğlu



1. What is the effect of aw on keeping quality of foods?

2. Why do sugars form a pyranose or a furanose ring? Justify your reasons.

3. Draw and give the general name of the structures related to D-glucose

(a) Sorbitol

(b) Gluconic acid

(c) Glucuronic acid

4. What is the Maillard reaction? Justify the implication of these reactions on food quality.

5. Give two chemical methods to control Maillard reactions in foods.

6. Give names of sugars and indicate the type of glycosidic linkage in the following disaccharides:

(a) Saccharose

(b) Lactose

(c) Maltose

7. Explain the structure of starch considering fractions, type of linkages and basic units.

8. Outline the changes during gelatinization of starch.

9. Explain the implication of retrogradation in bakery goods.

10. Define the followings;

(a) Enantiomer

(b) Caramelization

(c) Amylograph

(d) Birefringence

(e) Chiral center

(f) Anomeric carbon

(g) Mutarotation

(h) Melonoidins

(i) Polarimeter

(j) Optical activity

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