Food & Beverage Skills Sample Question Paper

Q.1 A) Attempt any THREE of the following:

a) Describe the recipes of the following mocktails (any two)
i) Tropicana ii) Roy Rogers iii) Pussy Foot
b) List four types of bar and describe any one
c) Define mocktail. Describe the recipe of Blue Hawain
d) Describe the opening duties of Senior Bartender

Q.1 B) Attempt any ONE of the following:

a) Draw and mark eight important bar equipments placed in under bar of an island bar
b) Explain six factors considered for planning buffet for a cocktail party of 100 pax.

Q. 2 Attempt any FOUR of the following:

a) Describe the duties and responsibilities of (any one)
i) Sales Manager ii) Banquet Manager
b) Justify how atmosphere plays an important role in marketing of an F&B outlet.
c) Describe the role of décor in planning of coffee shop outlet.
d) Classify types of Banquet and explain any one
e) From the following list of ingredients identify the two mocktails. Describe the method of preparation of each strawberry crush, pineapple juice, sugar syrup strawberry milkshake, grape fruit juice, orange juice.
f) Describe back bar. Mention its importance for a bartender

Q. 3 Attempt any TWO of the following:

a) Explain any eight factors considered while planning a fast food outlet located at shopping mall.
b) As a F&B manager of a speciality restaurant how would you plan the following
i) Staff requirement
ii) Menu Designing
c) As a caterer for an outdoor function prepare a checklist for a marriage function organized on ABC ground for 300Pax.

Q. 4 A) Attempt any Three of the following:

a) Describe the toasting procedure followed for wedding reception
b) Explain the relationship of atmosphere to the mood of the customer with two examples
c) Draw the format of a standard function prospectusand fill it with an example
d) Describe the importance of acoustic, noise and music in planning the atmosphere of a restaurant.

Q.4 B) Attempt any ONE of the following:

a) Enumerate the factors to be considered while purchasing equipments for a fast food outlet.
b) For the 25th marriage anniversary having 125 pax. kindly plan the following
i) Menu
ii) Buffet arrangement and sequence of food display.

Q.5 Attempt any FOUR of the following:

a) Describe the effect of types of illumination on the atmosphere of a restaurant
b) What is MICE ? Explain the role of MICE in Banquet.
c) Draw and name four types of Buffet tables used in Banquets and state the importance of each.
d) State four objectives of good layout in planning Of F&B outlet
e) Justify how Corporate Market helps to secure business for banquet
f) List four types of buffet and explain any one.

Q.6 Attempt any TWO of the following:

a) For a formal dinner of 150 pax hosted by the President of India in honor of the President of France, plan the following.
i) Menu
ii) Table and seating Arrangements
b) For an authentic Italian restaurant describe the importance of the following while planning the atmosphere : i) colour with examples ii) exterior design
c) As a sales manager of banquet department describe the procedure for taking telephonic banquet function booking. Also draw the format of the booking diary

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