Filtration ( Dr.Öğr.Üyesi Salih KARASU )


The filtration process is described by the manner in which the fluid being filtered flows through the filter medium where the solids are deposited.

As the solids are removed from the fluid, they accumulate in the filter medium, resulting in an increased resistance to flow as the filtration process continues. All these factors result in a description of filtration rate


Filtration involves the removal of insoluble particles from a suspension by passing it across a porous material, retaining particles according to their sizes and shape to some extent.

As the filter media retain the larger particles and form a “filter cake”, the permeate passes through the filter barrier.

The mean size particles and their distribution will both have a great influence on the type of filter used.

Filtration equipments are mainly used in edible oil refining, sugar refining, beer production, wine making, and fruit juice processing.

The uses of Micro filtration (MF) and ultra filtration (UF) for those latter applications are increasing, as more efficient industrial equipment and membranes become available

Plate frame filters

Plate frame filter press

Horizontal plate filters

Drum filter

Filter aids

Filtration aids, such as diatomaceous earth, cellulose or charcoal, are often used as absorbents to control the formation and the properties of the filter cake, in order to prevent resistance to fluid flow


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