Fermentation Technology Sample Question Paper

Q.1) (a) Answer any THREE questions

a) Name four types of yeast. State use of each in food industry.
b) Define Fermentation? State its four applications in food industry.
c) What is Active dry yeast? State its four advantages.
d) Describe the procedure of estimation of specific gravity of beer.

Q.1) (b) Answer any ONE questions

a) Describe the manufacturing process of Red wine along with flow chart.
b) Draw a neat labeled diagram of submerged fermenter and describe its construction.

Q.2) Answer any FOUR questions 16 Marks

a) Which factors are considered during industrial media preparation?
b) Enlist raw materials requirement for compressed yeast production.
c) Describe the mechanism of vinegar production.
d) Compare mushroom with vegetables IN respect Nutritive value for four parameters.
e) Classify the beer on the basis of used of culture and alcohol percentage.
f) Compare the Whisky and Gin with respect to raw material, Ageing, Standardization and taste.

Q.3) Answer any Four questions

a) Draw a labeled diagram of Industrial aerobic fermenter.
b) Enlist the raw material and their function to beer production.
c) Name four chemical additives & state role in wine production.
d) What is Saccharification? State its role in Whisky production.
e) Write the manufacturing process of extra neutral alcohol.

Q.4) (a) Answer any THREE questions

a) Describe the down stream processing of yeast to produce compressed yeast.
b) Write the procedure of determination of fixed acidity of beer.
c) How to standardization of distilled alcoholic beverages carried out?
d) How to estimate the alcohol content in Whisky?

Q.4) (b) Answer any ONE questions

a) Describe the procedure of estimation of reducing sugar in wine.
b) Write the construction, working with sketch of quick vinegar manufacturing.

Q.5) Answer any TWO questions

a) Describe the sources of media and its preparation and sterilization process.
b) Describe processing steps in bottling of beer.
c) With the help of flow chart describe main stages in the cultivation of button mushroom

Q.6) Answer any FOUR questions

a) How determine the activity of yeast in bread manufacturing Industry?
b) How wine adulterated is detected?
c) List the types of vinegar &state its four uses in food preparation.
d) Write problems of contamination & its control in paddy straw mushroom production.
e) Describe the sensory evaluation of whisky.

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