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To practice making white cheese.


Cheese is a fermented milk product. Milk protein=casein is coagulated by rennet and milk sugar=lactose is fermented by cheese culture. Then whey is seperated and solid part=cheese is obtained. There are many types of cheese according to properties of milk, production technique, ripening technique and variety of starter culture.

Properties of milk are important. Generally in raw milk:

1. Amount of protein (especially amount of casein) should be at a high level.

2. Fat and dry matter ratios should be at normal levels.

3. Total microorganism burden should be lowly.

4. There shouldn’t be any kind of inhibitor material like antibiotic, disinfectant etc.

5. Coagulation test with enzyme should be positive.

Procedure techniques are changable with regard to type of cheese. There are several coagulation; acid coagulation, heat coagulation, enzyme coagulation, crystallization, concentration or combination of two coagulation type.

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