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To search and practise usage of whey in different areas.


Whey is a mixture of water and organic compounds gained from cheese. 90 kg of 100 kg milk operated as cheese consist of whey. 360.000 tone whey is obtained in our country. It is a huge waste because of dry matter and rich organic content of whey beside its amount. Before separation or performing waste treatment, leaving whey to nature causes a big organic pollution.

Waste treatment is operable but, it is pretty much expensive because of high fat and acid content of whey. Curd cheese, lactose, albumin and dry whey can be gained by separation. These materials have different areas in industry to be used. Lactose obtained by crystallized can be used in confectionary industry, chemical and medical areas. Whey has 1,5 % dry matter. This dry matter can be gained as curd cheese by boiling of whey. But, there is stil dry matter in whey at ratio 5.5-6.5 %. This dry matter is gained as dried whey by removing the water. Dried whey (whey powder) can be used as a filling material in ice cream, yogurt etc. It can be added in bakery products to improve taste and color. It can be used as animal feed

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