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The aim of this experiment was to obtain the lactcic acid and the pH of the cucumber pickling when We did the pickling of cucumber.And to obtain the normal condition for cucumber pickling. And We studied the percentage of 5 salt +50 of vinegar+ 1 of citric acid. And our calculations and graph would be represented the original value for cucumber pickling. Large quantites of oversized cucumbers are annually produced that are not used for pickle manufacturing or fresh markets. These cucumbers could possibly serve as a source of natural cucumber flavor. The major cucumber flavor volatile is trans-2, cis-6-nonadienal (NDE) that is enzymatically produced when tissues are disrupted. Currently information is lacking on factors affecting the production and stability of NDE from cucumbers. Factors affecting the production and stability of NDE were investigated. Freshly harvested pickling cucumbers were donated.

Pickling, one of the most ancient ways to preserve food, relies on salty, acidic brine and spices and herbs to give foods distinctive flavors. Liquid spice and herb extracts help pickle processors achieve their flavor goals conveniently and consistently. Spice extracts provide precise flavor control, a cleaner, clearer brine and sterility, says Haley. The flavor and strength of the spice extracts are consistent from season to season. They are microbiologically very clean, so they will not lead to the growth of yeasts and molds in pickled products. The clear extracts can be measured precisely and dispersed easily in pickling brines.

Extracts function well in both the fresh-pack and process methods of pickle manufacturing. The pH of cucumber is the parameter for the quality of cucumber pickling and the present amount of lactic acid also is the quality parameter for the cucumber pickling. And under normal condition the pH of cucumber must be around the 3,0 According the pH versus time graph the pH value lies the 2,96 value line and for this value we can actually say that The pH of cucumber is the normal according the normal value.

According the lactic acid versus time graph the lactic acid value lies the average of 2,45 and our B3 group result nearly result the 2,46 value and our pH average value is nearly 3,45 so we can actually say that our cucumber is not the best condition.According to graph for pH and the lactic acid value the goup of B1 had approached the optimum condition for the cucumber pickling.

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