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In this experiment, we were learned the making cucumber pickling and analyzed different types of cucumber pickling according to their acidity and pH. All groups used different amounts both of vinegar and salt but were used equal amounts from citric acid. Group A1 was used %10 salts + %50 vinegar. Groups A2 and B2 were used %15 salts + %50 vinegar. Groups A3 and B3 were used %5 salts + %50 vinegar. Group A4 was used %10 salts + %30 vinegar. Groups A5 and B5 were used %10 salts + %10 vinegar. The pH and acidity were measured until 6 weeks. At finish for 6 weeks, the fermentation process was stopped.

These tests showed us that some different characteristics of cucumber pickling are used to determine quality level. Acidity is important quality parameter for cucumber pickling. At low acidity, microbial growth decreases and shelf life of cucumber pickling increases. All cucumber pickling have low acidity according to their types.

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