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1-) Names of m/o.’s used in yogurt fermentation? Lactobacillus bulgarıcus – supply a.a. Streptococcus aureus – produce formic acid

2-) What’s symbiosis? For two m/o’s – both benefıt to each other

3-) Reason of heating milk at 85 – 90 C for 30 min? For supply pasteurization of milk M/o’s are killed To obtain correct viscosity and consistency – denature the coagulable proteins – water binding capacity will increase. To concentrate milk solids The denaturation process makes the protein more accesible to S.C.

4-) Why is it necessary to cool coagulum after fermentation? After fermentation we reduce temperature to stop the fermentation.

5-) What happens during fermentation of yogurt? To observe decrease of lactıc acıd and ph 6-) What should be optimum Ph, lactic acid and solid content? Optimum temperature of milk ıs 42 C ( 40 – 45 ) and ph ıs between 4.5 – 4.7


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