FE 272 Food Chemistry Lab Questions Exp 2 ( Kenan ÖZ )

Name of Experiment            : DETERMINATION OF FAT

Number of Experiment       : 2

Submitted by                           : Kenan ÖZ


  • What is the principle of soxhelet extraction apparatus?

The principle of soxhelet extraction apparatus is to occur an intermittent extraction with excess of fresh condensed solvent in a special sample tube with a siphon attachment. The sample is held in a porous filter container such as thimble, and extracted fat returns with the solvent when siphoned, but does not redistill with the solvent and condense back to the sample.

  • What is the function of lipids on human body?

  1. They are source of energy.

  2. They need for vitamins that melted in fat.

  3. They need for Linoleic acid, Linolenic acid and Arachidonic acid because of certain of them cannot be made by the body. Essential fatty acids in lipids form part of the structure of all cell membranes.

  4. They preserve to body from out effects.

  • Define extractable fat and total fat.

  1. The extractable fat: The extractable fat is crude fat. It can be extracted by les polar solvents. Also, its amount is too much than other matters in food.

  1. The total fat: The total fat content consists of the additional ‘bound’ lipids which require more polar solvents (alcohols) for their extraction.

  • What is the function of acid added to the sample prior to the extraction?

The function of acid added to sample prior to the extraction is dissolved to proteins in lipids.

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