Dried Tropical Fruits


  • Technology of Process

  • Artadi Aguirre, Jhandir

  • Cáceres Saldaña, Eduardo

  • Camminati Briceño, Alessandra

  • Caqui Febre, Rocío

  • Estrada Saona, Martín

  • Gutiérrez Medina, Pierre

  • General Description of the Industrial Process: Dried Tropical Fruits

  • General Description of the Industrial Process: Dried Tropical Fruits

  • Summary Sheet

  • General Description of the Industrial Process: Fruit Leather

  • General Description of the Industrial Process: Fruit Leather

  • Summary Sheet


  • It is a physiochemical phenomenon.

  • It makes reference to the passage of solvent but not solute through a semipermeable membrane

When  dipping the fruit in the syrup two effects occur

  • Water flows out from the fruit to the solution

  • Solute flows into the fruit

Stage in OD:

  • Dehydration

  • Impregnation

OD is considerated as a pre stage in operations like drying or frezzing.

  • Factors that affect the dehydration speed

  • Permeability and structural features of the celular membrane.

  • Size of the contact surface with the syrup.

  • Syrup composition and concentration.

Syrup concentration affects directly on the speed.

  • Temperature

Increases will make changes in the permeability of the celular membrane and syrup fluency.

  • Stir

If the system is stirred, water that has come out is removed from contact with the membrane and will be replaced by concentrated syrup.

  • Fruta- Syrup ratio

When the ratio is 1-1, the speed is lower.

  • Atmospheric pressure decrease By applying vacuum to the system.


  • The osmo-dehydrating agent should be compatible with the fruit.

  • Immerse the fruit in pieces into the vessel containing the syrup and let stand until it reaches the desired moisture.

  • The fruit solids ratio increases due to:

▫Water leaving

▫Solid income

  • The fruit obtained is often complemented with other preservation techniques.


Liquid removal by evaporation Air in contact with the solid surface transfers enough energy to the water to evaporate.


Remove water from solid

Minimal microbiological growth and spoilage by chemmical reactions.


  • Air temperature

  • Air relative humidity

  • Air speed

  • Solid nature


  • EQUIPMENTS Dryer cabinet, trays or compartments

  • EQUIPMENTS Tunnel Dryer Concurrent System Tunnel

  • EQUIPMENTS Tunnel Dryer Countercurrent System Tunnel

  • EQUIPMENTS Tunnel Dryer Cross-flow Tunnel

  • EQUIPMENT Conveyordryer

  • Drying Pineapple Experiment

  • Outcomes:

  • For Dices

  • In general:

  • Pictures

  • Dried pineapple dices

  • Dried pineapple slices

  • Dried pineapple slice

  • Enterprises in Peru and The World

  • Enterprises in Peru and The World

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