Design of Cold Storage ( PRAGATI SINGHAM )


 Introduction
 Considerations
 Designing aspects
 Problems associated with cold storage
 Refrigeration system
 Heat load calculations
 References


 Cold storage facility for perishable products under controlled conditions

 A cold storage unit incorporates a refrigeration system to maintain the desired room environmental conditions


 Based on storage conditions
 Short term or temporary (7-10 days)
 Long term (6-8 months)
 Frozen storage (years)

Types of cold storage

Specific considerations

 Uniform temperatures
 Length of air blow and impingement on stored products
 Effect of relative humidity
 Effect of air movement
 Controlling ventilation systems, if necessary.
 Product entering temperature
 Expected duration of storage
 Required product outdoor temperature
 Transportation in and storage area

Cold storage design

1. Selection of site
2. Orientation and building form
3. Size
4. Space requirement
5. Design of building
6. Thermal insulation
7. Refrigeration system for cold store
8. Heat Load calculation

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