Dairy Processing Sample Question Paper

Q.1) (a) Answer any THREE questions
a) Define Cream, mention normal minimum percentage of milk fat. list four constituent of fresh cream
b) List four different types of butter, write two properties of each
c) Describe the term ultra high temperature pasteurization.
d) List eight constituent and its approximate concentration which indicate milk quality.

Q.1) (b) Answer any ONE questions
a) Describe the term ‘the vacreation process”
b) Explain with reason the fat losses during butter making.

Q.2) Answer any FOUR questions
a) Describe separation of cream by gravity method and centrifugal method.
b) Comment on clean milk production.
c) Give eight merits of homogenized milk.
d) Give eight flavour defects in milk and prevention.
e) List four different types of cream available in market.
f) Define rehydrated milk, give two merits of rehydrated milk

Q.3) Answer any FOUR questions
a) Give four characteristics of fermented milk and its products.
b) List additives permitted to be use in butter and the role in it.
c) What is irradiated milk?
d) List eight micro-organisms beneficial to the dairy industry.
e) Mention three steps after filtration in toned milk and write appropriate temperature.

Q.4) (a) Answer any THREE questions
a) Write four types of milk available in market and give two characteristic of each.
b) How can spoilage of milk between reception and storage be reduced.
c) Draw flow diagram of recombined milk.
d) Give four defects in butter and how can prevent these defect in butter.

Q.4) (b) Answer any ONE questions
a) What is the action of milk on metal?
b) Explain in details continuous butter making process.

Q.5) Answer any TWO questions
a) List four microbiological factor related to milk, give example of each.
b) Draw a flow diagram to show manufactured of flavoured milk write the function of each step in four lines.
c) Give four defects in cream, their causes and prevention.

Q.6) Answer any FOUR questions
a) Give eight uses of butter.
b) Write two physical and two chemical properties of cream. State its effect on quality of cream.
c) Why HTST method is more useful in milk industry than other method. Give four reason.
d) List which stabilizer is used in flavoured milk. State its two properties.
e) Give four adulterants in butter.

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