CO2 Purity Tester

The CO2 Purity Tester is a special instrument which is for calculating the purity of CO2. The principle is based on absorption burette to measure the impurities (O2 and N2 e.g.) of CO2 in a mixture of gases. The CO2 Purity Tester is widely used in breweries, the laboratory measurement of CO2 recycling and purchasing.


  • Quality Control

    – of gas distribution systems

    – of commercial gas

    – of incoming CO2 gas from fermentation

    – of CO2 recovered and purified from fermentation

    – in front of the carbonator to monitor the gas quality dosed

  • Optimizing CO2 Recovery Plants

    – behind the activated carbon filter/dryer

    – in the purge from the CO2 liquefier to control the blow-off quantity automatically, preventing CO2 loss as well as high concentrations of O2 from dissolving CO2
    – behind the CO2 evaporator to monitor O2 in the CO2 distribution system


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