Chapter-7: Control System Design

Control objectives (based on management – financial objectives, process knowledge and operational requirements) for the plant.

Safety. It is imperative that industrial plants operate safely so as to promote the well being of people and equipment within the plant and in nearby communities.

Environmental Regulations. Industrial plants must comply with environmental regulations concerning the discharge of gases, liquids and solids beyond the plant boundaries.

Product Specifications and Production rate. In order to be profitable, a plant must make products that meet specifications concerning product quality and production rate.

Economic Plant Operation. It is an economic reality that the plant operation over long periods of time must be profitable. Thus, the control objectives must be consistent with the economic objectives.

Stable Plant Operations. The control system should facilitate smooth, stable plant operation without excessive oscillation in key process variables. Thus, it is desirable to have smooth, rapid set- point changes and rapid recovery from plant disturbances such as changes in feed composition.

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