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Food Wastes ( İsmail DEMİR )

ABSTRACT The food wastes was investigated in this project by literature survey according to recycling purposes and envirenmental effect of them with regard to organic matter loads. The food wasted can …

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Gelatin ( Süleyman GÜVENÇ )

1. BACKGROUND 2. PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES 2.1 Amphoteric Properties 2.2Chemical Properties 2.3 Gel Strength 2.4 Viscosity 2.5 Protective Colloidal Action 2.6 Coacervation 2.7 Color 2.8 Turbitiy 2.9 Ash 3.0 …

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HACCP in Maraş Ice-Cream Production

ABSTRACT For people to mature, grow up and continue their life in a healthy way, one of the most important requirements is food. Currently, increased people consciousness, environment protection, social responsibilities and …

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