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Plate and Frame Filters

Filtration is a physically or mechanically separation process in which suspended solid particles in a fluid are removed by using a porous medium that retain the particles as a cake …

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Plate and Frame Filtration

The porosity distribution and filtrate production during cake filtration in a plate-and frame filter press were simulated mathematically. The model considered filtration that occurs after the filling process, not filtration that occurs …

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Plate Heat Exchanger

plate heat exchanger

ABSTRACT Pasteurization is a killing method of pathogenic microorganisms e.g mycobacterium tuberculoses , salmonella by application of heat at 62ºC for 30 minutes or 72ºC for 15 seconds. In this …

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Rheology of Sumac Concentration sumak sumac

Abstract In this experiment, the rheological properties of sumac concentrate was determined with different brix values in different temperature ranges (10, 20, 30 oC) and obtain some data related with …

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Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Shell and tube heat exchangers are among the more confusing pieces of equipment for the process control engineer. The principle of operation is simple enough: Two fluids of different temperatures …

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