Carbohydrate Chemistry ( Dr. Herat D. Soni )

Carbohydrate chemistry

Dr. Herat D. Soni Assistant professor Rural medical college Loni


 Carbohydrates may be defined as polyhydroxy aldehydes or ketones or compounds which produce them on hydrolysis.

 Formula = (C.H2O)n

Biomedical Importance

 Most abundant dietary source of energy. Brain cells and RBCs are almost wholly dependent on carbohydrates as the energy source.

 Also serve as storage form of energy –Glycogen.

 Carbohydrates are precursors for many organic compounds (fats, amino acids).

 Participate in the structure of cell membrane & cellular functions (cell growth, adhesion and fertilization).

 Certain carbohydrate derivatives are used as drugs, like cardiac glycosides / antibiotics.

 DM (diabetes mellitus)



• Monosaccharide

• Oligosaccharide

• Polysaccharide

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