Beypiliç Summer Practice Report

Middle East Technical University

Food Engineering Department

FdE 400

Summer Practice Report

This factory has established by the association of Beyyem Industry Commerce. Beyyem A.Ş. was built in Ankara-Beypazarı to produce mixed feed in 1979 and it began production in 1981.

Beypi A.Ş. has established in 1986 by leading of Beyyem I.C. Beypi A.Ş.. has started poultry meat production in 1987-Agust at a slaughterhouse located in Bolu-Göynük-Dereler village. After that there became an integrated facility. The investments that have began in Beyzarı, continued in Bolu.

Now they are able o produce variety of products ranging from poultry meat to ready-to-eat foods.

In 1995 the head office of the factory has been moved to Bolu. In 2004 Beyyem has jointed to Beypi A.Ş.

Beypi was in the list of the 500 biggest companies in the Turkey, now increasing the capacity, company, facilities it is the second largest Poultry processing company in Turkey. Also Beypi A.Ş. produce its products as the name of Beypiliç. It has


  • The Tüv Cert Certificate.

  • TSE

  • Food BRC certificate


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