Beet Sugar Production

1. Project Description

The project consists in establishing a sugar plant in Ekbistan/KAHRAMAN MARAŞ. It will be a modern, high capacity plant, which allows the production of high quality sugar.The plant will purchase its sugar beets from suppliers at a fixed price for a predetermined quantity delivered every month. The company will focus on implementing and maintaining high quality standards of production. The working of plant will be two shifts by being 12 hours per every shift. The production will be continuous by 100 days. The plant’s full capacity is around 5000 tons of sugar per day.

1.1 Main goals:

Among the company’s main goals:

  •  Providing high quality sugar.

  •  Developing the quality of sugar.

  •  Creating a brand name.

  •  Training technical staff and skilled labor.

  •  Producing product that meet customer requirements.

1.2 Choosing of product

We decided the production of sugar from sugar beet due to the large amount of sugar consuming in Turkey and it is the most important ingredient of other foods.

1.3 Location selection

It is selected to set up of plant in Kahraman Maraş by compering with some cities as Gaziantep, Adana, Malatya. Raw material availability, easy transportation of raw material and to other place, energy requirement is easy due to steam turbines and incentive premium from government.

1.4 Marketing

The sugar will sale to gross markets by being saling in gross.


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