Anatomy and Physiology of the Chicken ( Professor James Hayes )

Anatomy and physiology of the chicken

 Introduction

 The external body parts

 The skin: Two functions, protection and regulation of body temperature

 The skeleton of the bird

 The internal organs of the chicken

 The digestive tract: A critical link from feed to growth

 The functions of the different parts of the digestive system

 Mouth and crop

 Glandular stomach (or proventriculus)

 Muscular stomach (or gizzard)

 Small intestine and enzyme action

 Gall bladder (galblaas)

 Caeca and colon

 The cloaca

 The urinary system of the chicken (the kidneys)

 Respiratory system (lungs and air sacks)

 The blood circulation system

 The brain and nervous system

 The immune system of the chicken

 Reproductive system of poultry

 The male reproductive system

 The female reproductive system


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