Amazing Healing Power of Custard Apple ( Dr. Sudhakar KOKATE )

Amazing healing power of Custard Apple

Presented by
Dr. Sudhakar Kokate
Director PPRC, India


Family: Annonaceae > 2000 members spread

Species: Annona cherimola, Annona squamosa, Annona senegdensis


Subtropical deciduous tree

Large spreading trees

Shaded by large green dropping leaves

Flowers: light yellow trumpet shaped, emitting pungent sweet smell esp. in the late afternoon

Well set fruits

Varieties: Pinks Mammoth, African pride

Originated in South America and West Indies

Cultivated later widely in Asia, Australia and other tropical countries

Favourite fruit for many

Fruit: Heart – oval shaped, light tan / greenish with brown plates

Ripening process of fruit

…. Domestic process

Wrap the unripe green custard apple in brown paper with a banana

Leave it on the kitchen table

Banana accelerates the process

Something more about Custard Apple

Eat – fresh soft

It’s very cold fruit

Avoid over – eating this fruit

Nutrient value of custard apple (100 g)

Nutrient                Amount

Protein                         5.2 g

Water ….

Ash                                   1.9 g

Calories total                 235

Carbohydrate cals.     213

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