A Guide to Calculating the Shelf Life of Foods

What is shelf life?

Is the shelf life of food related to food safety?

What are the regulations relating to shelf life?

Who is responsible for calculating a shelf life?

Who influences the shelf life?

Factors influencing the shelf life of a product

What is a shelf life study?

Step by step determination of shelf life ( by the direct method )

What are indirect methods?

What is challenge testing?

Appendix 1: Guidelines for microbiological ( examination of ready-to-eat foods )

Appendix 2: Determination of shelf life of foods ( capable of supporting Listeria monocytogenes )

Appendix 3: Extended shelf life foods and ( Clostridium botulinum )

Appendix 4: Contacts

Appendix 5: Publications

Appendix 6: Further reading

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