A Biological Process For The Production of Riboflavin ( Team Riboflavulous )

A Biological process for the production of Riboflavin


 Introduction

 Market

 Chemical Vs biological method

 Environmental impact

 Main process

 Waste treatment

 Mass balance

 Merits of our system

 Future prospects

Introduction to riboflavin (1)

 Riboflavin ( vitamin B2)

 Molecular formula C17H20N4O

 Yellow-orange

 Sparingly soluble in water

 Forms crystals in <30oC water

 Light-sensitive

Introduction to riboflavin (2)

 Precursor of Co-enzymes
– flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD)
– flavin mononucleotide

 Deficiency results in metabolic and skin disorders

 Riboflavin is mainly used as a food supplement for both human and animals.


 World demand is estimated to be at 6,000 tons p.a.

 Major producers are Roche, BASF and China’s Hubei Guangji Pharmaceutical

 Feed-grade (80% ) sells at US $30/kg

 pharmaceutical-grade (98%) sells at US $50/kg.

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