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The aim of this experiment to obtain the production of beer and to observe which type fermentation will take place bottom or top fermentation. Beer is known as the most common beverage in the world and it is produced from malted barley and some axuilary raw materials such as hops, adjunts. Basically, the production of beer has sıx steeps, which are; Malting – Mashing – Wort boiling – Fermentatıon – Filtration – Pasteurization and this step play important role while the making beer.And also the acidity and the pH play important role for the optimum beer production. The pH is very important of production of beer because of pH range of m/o’s.And our pH is 4,38 and and our color of beer is brown and our beer looks like to have turbidity and our fermentation was bottom fermentation therefore the yeast was sacchoromyces carlsbergenis.

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