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Vibrio Cholerae ( Melinda Nugent )

Vibrio cholerae What is Cholera?  Intestinal infection  Severe diarrhea  Caused by Cholera Toxin of  bacterium, Vibrio cholera cholerae Cholera cholerae Vibrio cholerae Ancient Texts Describe Cholera 1st Pandemic: 1817-1823 Quarantine …

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How Corn Syrup is Made

Corn Syrup: • Corn syrup is the food product and natural sweetener which derived from corn starch • It is the basic ingredients for many food products like cookies, crackers, …

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Fats and Oils

Fat Is… The most concentrated source of food energy There are 9 calories in every gram of fat Fats that are liquid at room temperature are called oils. Fats that …

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Esterification Introduction: Esters are a class of organic compounds which, unlike many organics, have pleasant odors. In fact, many of the "artificial flavors" used in food products are very pure …

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